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i'm ben & i'm a sleepy 16 year old. cis pansexual person (he / him).

met Bem dog tonight!
today was a cool day & I climbed the dug out roof; something I haven’t done since middle school.
~*mr. steal yo gurl*~

deafheaven tonight

haven’t posted a selfie in a while. i got new glasses & yes they are real oh my god


nigga said “Mathemathematics”

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me and ben before homecoming :-) i stayed at the dance for 10 minutes before i started crying bc panicking and had to leave but it was fun to look cute

too hot 4 homecoming


we r grateful

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Jordan and I had a photo shoot and these were some of my favorites! :-)

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Dad it’s not “shit” it’s skramz


Cool hangs at the Joyce Manor show. (I'm not that short. I’m just leaning back.)